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Dog Shoots Owner Gregory Lanier with 'Unloaded Gun'

Gregory Lanier's dog accidentally shot him in the leg with his own gun recently. Sort of.

Lanier was riding around in his truck on Feb. 23 when his dog knocked his 9mm handgun onto the floor of the truck, causing it to fire into his leg, according to a police report.

Per the Highlands Today, Sebring Police Cmdr. Steve Carr said police decided not to arrest the dog or owner, pending an investigation.

Police said this was the first case of “dog shoots man” that they had ever come across.

Lanier was traveling on State Road 17 North when, according to the report: “His dog kicked his unloaded pistol causing it to fire and the bullet struck his leg. Lanier said he heard a 'boom,' saw smoke and felt a burning in his leg."

Lanier told police that he was shocked to find out that his gun was loaded, and that he had no idea it was a 9mm weapon.

Source: Highlands Today


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