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Dog Shooting: John Hendley Charged with Animal Cruelty for Allegedly Killing Bulldog; Dog Owner Also Charged

Two Harrison County, Mississippi, men filed complaints against each other in the shooting death of a 5-year-old French bulldog, who had allegedly earlier become involved in a fight with a dog in a nearby yard.

According to the Harrison County Sheriff, John Allen Hendley, 33, of the 14000 block of Cardinal Cove in Gulfport faces a misdemeanor charge of animal cruelty. That charge stems from Hendley allegedly shooting and killing his neighbor's dog, WLOX News reports.

The neighbor and owner of the French bulldog, named Zeus, is 41-year-old Ramiro Orozco of the 14000 John Clark Road in Gulfport, who was charged with a misdemeanor charge of leash-law violation.


Ramiro “Remy” Orozco is an assistant prosecutor in Harrison County, who owned Zeus, the French bulldog. Zeus disappeared from the Gulfport home of Orozco and his wife in the 14000 block of John Clark Road on Thursday night, according to the Sun Herald.

On Friday morning Zeus was shot.

Orozco accuses John Allen Hendley, 33, of the 14000 block of Cardinal Circle, of animal cruelty in the fatal shooting of his dog.

Orozco claims that his wife let Zeus out in the backyard of their home about 10 p.m. on Thursday. He said she was unaware that a visitor had left their back gate unlocked.

When they discovered the dog was gone, Orozco said he and his wife went looking for Zeus but couldn't find him.

He said his wife, Cathy, heard a gunshot on Friday morning. They learned their dog had been shot once in the head in the nearby Cardinal Point subdivision.

A neighbor of John Hendley said he helped separate Zeus and the Hendley family's dog when the two canines began fighting and he then called the Harrison County Sheriff's Office to report the shooting.

Zeus was adopted by the Orozcos about eight months ago, according to Cathy Orozco, who works for Happy Tails Animal Hospital in D'Iberville, They both doted on Zeus, her husband told the Sun Herald.

Zeus had just undergone surgery and was home recuperating before he disappeared.

"My wife and I are broken-hearted," Orozco said. "We have no children. Zeus was our child."


Shental Hendley stated that her husband was asleep Friday morning and she was sitting in their garage with their Australian Shepherd while their children walked to the school bus stop. She says that her dog was on a leash and a stray dog came in the garage and attacked their dog.

"My dog got in front of me and the other dog grabbed onto my dog's thigh and leg," she said. "I was pinned against the wall with my dog in front of me--protecting me. I was afraid the other dog was going to attack me," she told the Sun Herald.

She said she closed her garage after the dogs were separated and she then awakened her husband, John. He grabbed a shotgun and they walked outside. She said she saw the dog coming back toward them so she went inside. "Everything happened so fast," she said. "We are sorry for the loss of their dog."

Both men turned themselves in on citations Monday and were released on their own recognizance pending hearings in Justice Court. Dates for the hearings have not yet been set.

Under Mississippi state law, it's a felony to steal a dog but a misdemeanor to kill a dog, explained Sheriff's Major Tony Sauro.

Sources: Sun Herald, WLOX


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