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Dog Saves Owner By Smashing Window To Alert People

A New Jersey dog warmed hearts July 29 after smashing a window to save a woman's life, injuring himself in the process.

The woman had been lying in her house unconscious for days when the dog heard two women walk by one evening, reports.

"We believe that the dog inside the home heard the two women talking as they walked past the home and broke the glass with its paws in an attempt to get their attention, which led to their owner being rescued," Northvale Police Chief William Essmann said.

The dog’s plan worked: the women promptly called the police.

At first, authorities tried calling to the resident from outside of her house.

When nobody responded, however, they had no choice but to walk inside, where they found the unconscious woman -- and her loyal dog.

"Our officers observed the broken pane of glass next to the front door with the dog inside the home," Essmann recalls of the moment they realized what the animal had done.

The woman is still in the hospital while her dog suffered minor injuries.

Authorities have not released additional details about her medical condition or identity.

It’s not the first time in July a dog has saved its owner’s life, WBMA reports.

A service dog in California stopped his hearing-impaired owner, Joyce Herman, from being hit by an oncoming train.

"Hook started jumping on me,” said Herman. “When I got to the track, Hook just pulled me off the track. He ran and just pulled me off the track. And I turned around, and here's me and here's the train, and whoosh it just missed me by I would say about a foot.”

Only a few days before, in Kentucky, another dog rescued his owner from a house fire, WKRC reports.

Kristina Brate's dog, Earl, saved her life just days after she adopted him. The animal licked her face to wake her up during a house fire.

"At PetCo, we always say adopting a pet is love ... it saves their life, but we always joke about who rescued who? This is one of those cases that really she rescued Earl first and not even two weeks later he turned around and rescued her,” said PetCo Store Leader Daniel Dunn.

Sources:, WBMAWKRC via WSYX / Photo credit: Northwest Harley Blog

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