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Owner Goes To Save Dog, Ends Up Getting Saved By Dog

Owner Goes To Save Dog, Ends Up Getting Saved By Dog Promo Image

A dog in Alabama warmed hearts nationwide after he ended up sacrificing his life to save his owner's.

Sarah Bailey says she was getting ready to take her beagle, Olly, outside and was putting on her jacket when the dog suddenly took off, WHNT reports.

"He usually just lingers on the porch until I get my stuff on," Bailey said.

When she walked outside, she saw no trace of her dog until closer inspection revealed the terrifying truth.

"I realized he had walked across the ice on the pond and fallen in," she added. "He was desperately trying to get out. The whole fight or flight kicked in."

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Without a moment's hesitation, Bailey reportedly ran to rescue the dog.

"I was leaning down to get his leash and I fell through," Bailey said.

After hearing Bailey screaming for help, neighbors and Madison Fire and Rescue came to the rescue.

While Bailey was saved, Olly sadly passed -- and for the most heartbreaking reason.

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"He put himself under the ice that was breaking underneath me and it kept it floating," Bailey said.

As a result, Olly saved his owner's life at the expense of his own, drowning in the process.

Looking back, Bailey says she is aware people may judge her for going after the dog. Yet in the moment, all she says she could think about was saving Olly, a special dog she says she shared an unusually close relationship with.

"When I rescued him, he needed a lot of training to just be able to be around other people," Bailey explained. "I was the only person he truly trusted because of the way he was abused and I feel like he was just saying 'Thank you.'"

It's not the first time a dog went to extreme lengths to save its owner's life.

In December 2017, a woman in Missouri says her dog saved her during a break-in, reports KTVI.

The man had knocked on the woman's door pretending he needed help before punching her in the face.

"I think he realized that nobody was coming up behind me asking, you know, who is here and that is when he attacked me," she said.

Yet at that very moment, her dog reportedly stormed at the man, terrifying him.

"I thank God she was here, because I don't know what would have happened," she said. "She saved my life. She is the hero; she deserves everything."

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