Dog Saved By 700ml of Vodka


An Australian Maltese terrier’s life was saved during the first weekend of March when veterinarians decided to give him large amounts of vodka.

Charlie, the dog in question, arrived at Animal Accident and Emergency in Melbourne with a case of Ethylene Glycol poisoning. The chemical, found in radiator and brake fluids, is sweet to the taste but fatal to the kidneys.

The only cure doctors could think of? Alter the chemical reaction with alcohol.

Charlie had a tube placed through his nose and into his stomach for about 48 hours as veterinarians pumped vodka into his system. Vodka was chosen because it was the easiest form of alcohol to find.

“He was definitely drunk,” Jacinta Rosewarne, Charlie’s owner, said. “I’d go to pat him and he’d push me away like a normal drunk person.”

It worked.

Charlie is now in good health. Oh, and he is reportedly one-week sober.

Sources: The Huffington Post, Metro


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