Dog That Throws Up Diamonds


Five years had gone by since Lois Matykowski of Stevens Point, Wisconsin lost her wedding ring.

Two weeks ago, Matykowski found it again in a highly unlikely place.

After Matykowski’s dog Tucker gobbled down a Popsicle that her granddaughter had been eating, he proceeded to vomit up much more than just the Popsicle: according to reports, he also vomited up the wedding ring.

A vet informed Matykowski that the ring had likely been stuck in the dog’s belly the entire time.

“Friends have said, ‘I want a dog that throws up diamonds,’” Matykowski said. She also noted that the discovery made big news in her neighborhood.

“I have my wedding ring back and Tucker is big dog on campus right now,” she said. “He’s my hero.”

Sadly, an X-ray showed that no other treasures were hidden in the dog’s stomach.

Sources: NY Daily News, WHBL, Twin Cities

Photo Sources: NY Daily News, Utah Daily News


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