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Dog Rescued From Parking Lot In Touching Video (Video)

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A California dog living in a parking lot went through a dramatic rescue after a local animal rescue organization captured him when no one else could.

Hope for Paws, known for uploading touching videos of canine rescues, posted one of the homeless pup over the weekend. One of the rescue organization’s founders, Eldad Hagar, had heard that a dog was living in a nearby parking lot – however, no one had managed to capture  it.

In the video, Hagar approaches the dog, who is asleep in the parking lot. He throws a net on top of it and the dog immediately wakes up, growling and trying to escape. Hagar manages to calm the dog and pets its nose, then removes it from the net and places a collar on it.

In the next segment of the video, the accompanying text explains that the dog has been named PJ, and shows him having a hot bath and napping in a warm bed.

PJ is now available for adoption at Almost Home Animal Rescue.

Sources: The Huffington Post, Almost Home


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