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Dog Rescue Group Buys Michael Vick's Former House

A Pennsylvania-based dog rescue group has reportedly signed a contract to buy the former estate of Michael Vick, the headquarters of his old dog fighting operation.

The group, Dogs Deserve Better, wants to turn the 4,600-square foot house and 15 acres of property in Virginia into an animal sanctuary for rescued dogs.

But it is not a done deal just yet -- the group has 45 days to raise enough money to cover the asking price of $595,000, according to the Virginian-Pilot. Monica Severy, the group’s representative, said it has so far raised just $50,000.

“The dogs will live in the house, and we’ll use it for training and for meetings,” Severy said. “There will be somebody there all the time, living there.”

Severy said the group chose the property for the symbolism of turning a place where dogs suffered into a place where abused dogs get healthy. The bodies of eight murdered dogs were found on the property, while 51 living dogs in various states of health were taken to shelters all over the country.

The house has been empty for three years.


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