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Puppy Almost Put To Death After Refusing To Play (Video)

When their puppy grew depressed and refused to play, his owners did the unthinkable: They gave him to a shelter to be euthanized (video below).

The sad dog, Simba, was abandoned at a high-kill shelter in Cape Town, South Africa, and would have died had doctors not taken a closer look, Little Things reports.

It turned out the puppy was extremely sick with several diseases and had only a 50 percent chance of survival.

"I was handed into be euthanized cus I wouldn't play," says the captioning on the video made by a South African organization that helped him, Sidewalk Specials. "But I had tick fever, see, I didn't feel good enough to play."

The owners drew fierce criticism from many who were upset they had abandoned the sick dog.

"It infuriates me beyond description how someone can treat a living being like a toy and toss it aside when it doesn't respond like they want," wrote one person one Little Things' Facebook page. "I got my little ones always from the shelter. Each and every one was a joy and delight to have. Wonderful dogs who cheered up and developed their true little personalities."

Doctors worked hard to ensure Simba recovered while Sidewalk Specials attempted to find the dog a new and more loving home.

Finally, the moment everybody had been waiting for arrived: Somebody wanted to adopt the neglected puppy.

Now Simba, the once tired, sad dog, "can't sit still" and is constantly playing with his new family.

He lives with another dog -- his new "foster brother."

"This is my foster brother, he's been taking care of me," the video notes. "He says I deserve the bestest forever home that ever was, ever!"

Sidewalk Specials was ecstatic over the news: "Massive thanks again to a most epic foster, the world’s kindest vets, everyone who shared, everyone who donated and to his new family who were at Adoption day before we even were!"

The organization is not the only one that's happy, hundreds of others are too.

"I'm so happy that they knew [he was sick] and he is on his way to a great new beginning!" wrote one Facebook user.

Sources: Little Things, Sidewalk Specials/YouTubeLittle Things/Facebook, Sidewalk Specials / Photo credit: Sidewalk Specials

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