Dog Poop On Plane Forces Emergency Landing Of US Airways Flight

Truffles the service dog felt the need to relieve himself at least two times during US Airways flight 598, causing the airplane to make an emergency landing.

Why the emergency landing over a little dog poop in the aisle?

It seems passengers were dry heaving and vomiting because of the smell, reports the Daily Mail.

Passenger Steve McCall said Truffles was suffering from doggy diarrhea.

Airplane staff tried to clean up the mess as best they could with paper towels and disinfectant, but as the dog continued to relieve himself they ran out of materials forcing the emergency landing, reports the NY Daily News. The smell also became unbearable, causing passengers to react by vomiting.

“I look up the aisle way and there's a dog pooping right in the middle of the aisle. It's a big dog, three or four feet tall or long, and he was just going,” McCall said. “It wasn't little pieces, it was fully-fledged dog-diarrhea.”

Passenger Chris Law tweeted about the incident.

“The full sized dog that's on my flight, well it did what dogs do & went to the bathroom when it felt like it,” Law wrote. “Smack dab in middle of aisle.”

Another passenger, Michael Adan, called the event “poop-apocalypse” in a tweet. He was seated next to Truffles and the dog’s owner.

Flight 598 had already been delayed 2 hours out of LAX, heading to Philadelphia, when the emergency landing occurred.

The mess was cleaned up after the emergency landing in Kansas City and the flight was uneventful from then on.

Inside Edition reports the dog’s owner was truly sorry for what happened and asked passengers for their addressees so she could send them a Starbucks gift card.

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