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Dog Poop Delivered To California Franchise Tax Board

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It seems one California resident isn’t happy about tax season.

Around 10 a.m. on Monday morning, nearly 100 mailroom employees were evacuated from the California Franchise Tax Board building after a smelly brown liquid was delivered to the property. The substance was later revealed to be dog poop, according to Sacramento Metro Fire spokesperson Michelle Eidam.

A mailroom employee first noticed something unusual when he detected a strange odor coming from a package. After reporting the package, responders from the Sacramento Metro Fire Department and Sacramento County arrived, some geared up in HazMat suits to investigate.

The package was cleared almost two hours later, after the HazMat crew tested the substance and monitored the air quality.

The package was not addressed to a specific employee, according to Eidam, and it is unknown who sent it.

An investigation into the package’s origin is currently underway.

Sources: Fox News, CBS News / Photo Credit: Sacramento Metro Fire Department 


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