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Dog With Paws Frozen To Ground Found In New York Park

An abandoned dog was found in a New York City park where it is so cold that the dog’s paws were frozen to the ground.

Jennifer Williams was walking her dog in Prospect Park in Brooklyn on Feb. 12 when her dog broke free and ran to a nearby tree. When Williams caught up, she found the abandoned female dog shivering and unable to move.

Williams wrapped her coat around the dog and picked her up, reports WNBC. She noticed blood coming from the dog’s paws and realized they had been frozen to the ground.

Williams carried the dog home and called Sean Casey who owns an animal rescue in Windsor Terrace.

Casey said that Williams “ultimately saved the dog’s life,” according to WNBC.

The dog was brought to a veterinarian to have her paws treated. The veterinarians are treating her paws and other ailments, but it's not clear if the dog will make a full recovery. 

Casey warned pet owners that animals should not be left outside, as states in the Northeast are experiencing record low temperatures.

"Any dog can suffer from the cold. Some can tolerate it a little bit better than others but no dog, animal or person should be left out in that weather," Casey told WNBC.

Sources: WNBC, MailOnline / Photo credit: MailOnline

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