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Dog Pack that Killed 240 Goats in Central California Believed Captured or Shot

San Joaquin County Sheriff's report that they believe they have eradicated the pack of wild dogs--mainly Pit Bulls--that has killed over 240 goats and other animals in French Camp, California, recently, according to Deputy Les Garcia.

Sheriff's deputies and animal control officers have captured or killed 10 stray dogs in south Stockton and French Camp over the past week. All of the dogs was located near the area where a pack of six to 10 dogs--described by sheriffs as Pit Bulls by witnesses--slaughtered at least 240 goats and several fowl in six different attacks.

"We can't be certain that we've found them all, so we're continuing to search, setting traps and patrolling the area," Garcia said. "We haven't had any additional attacks that I'm aware of, so hopefully our efforts have addressed the problem, but we're going to continue to make sure that the citizenry is safe," reports

Deputies shot a Pit Bull last Wednesday near Little John Creek and killed another Friday after it attacked chickens on Dudley Road and ran into an industrial park near Stockton Metropolitan Airport, Garcia said. Since then, authorities have captured eight more dogs, including three Pit Bulls, one Pit Bull mix and two German shepherd mixes, Garcia said.

Seven of the dogs were captured at the south end of Turnpike Road. Six were captured in traps, one was tranquilized and one was caught with a snare, Garcia said.

"Obviously, our first thought was that we were going to go out and capture these animals," Garcia said. "Unfortunately, there were a couple of situations where we had to shoot two pit bulls because one was advancing toward a deputy and the second was running into a populated industrial area."

Most of the goats were killed at the French Camp livestock auction yard, but local residents also reported finding their animals dead and injured. Authorities and local residents were concerned about the possibility of danger to children attending at a nearby elementary school.

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