Dog Pack Attacks Children and Parents Near South Los Angeles Elementary School

Los Angeles Animal Services officials said on Wednesday, October 2, that they had not yet been able to identify the owners of a pack of dogs involved in an attack on parents and children near a South Los Angeles elementary school on Tuesday.

Officials state that four people were hospitalized after being attacked by five German shepherd-type dogs just as students were being let out from Manhattan Place Elementary School, located at 1850 W 96th Street.

There were two separate attacks reported. One person was taken to the hospital following the first incident, which happened around 1 p.m. Then a few hours later, KABC-TV reports, at least three more people were rushed to the hospital after being attacked a few blocks away.

Police Sgt. German Hurtado says officers responding to a call about a vicious dog attack and cornered three of the German shepherds. The dogs were picked up by city animal control officers.

Jan Selder, Director of Field Operations for Los Angeles Animal Services, told KFI Radio that one of the three German Shepherd-type dogs appears to be a Belgian Malinois and that none of them had a collar or microchip. She said that the dogs are being quarantined for ten days to assure they do not show any symptoms of rabies.

Since the department is unable so far to locate an owner, the dogs are now being held as strays, she said.

Source: ABC, SCPR


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