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Woman Finds Lost Dog In An Unexpected Way (Video)

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One Texas dog owner was shocked when she found her lost dog through a Craigslist ad.

Brittany Rode couldn’t sleep when her dog Cooper ran off one night, KHOU reported. After putting up flyers around town, she found her pup in an unexpected place: an ad on Craigslist.

“We got a tip saying hey your dog’s on Craigslist,” Rode told KHOU.

Rhode found the ad with a picture of Copper that offered to sell him for $250. Apparently, Jose Pulido posted the ad after his wife found Copper in the street – since the dog reportedly had no tags, collar or microchip he decided to put it up for sale.

Rode initially called Pulido's wife and pretended to be an interested buyer.

“We called her and said hey do you still have the dog?” Rode said. “And she said no it’s been sold."

Pulido later noted to KHOU that the dog hadn’t been sold, but that his wife had had a change of heart and wanted to keep the dog after bonding with it. Following the call, a friend of Rode left a voice message for the Pulido family, which Pulido described as “aggressive.”

As Rode’s investigation came to a halt, she finally reported the missing dog to Pearland, Texas, police. Finally, police managed to retrieve the dog.

No charges were filed.

Since finding her dog, Rode gotten both of her pets micro-chipped. She has encouraged other dog owners to do the same.

This isn't the first time a missing dog has appeared for sale on Craigslist. In 2014, a Virginia woman was arrested after fraudulently taking a lost dog and putting it up for sale on Craigslist, WTKR reported at the time.

Sources: KHOU, WTKR

​Photo Credit: KHOU


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