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Dog Owner Gets Settlement In Spaniel's Shooting Death

A man in Washington state filed a civil lawsuit against a neighbor and his family for the shooting death of the man's dog almost two and a half years ago.

A jury hearing the case in the Franklin County Superior Court found in favor of 56-year-old Jim Anderson, with the final settlement of $100,000 according to The Yakima Herald.

The settlement, filed against Scott Hayles and his family, saw $36,475 of the total go directly to Anderson for damages, "intrinsic value" and "emotional distress."

Attorneys say the $100,000 figure could have been avoided had the Hayles family not decided to appeal an earlier, smaller arbitration award that was originally granted to Anderson as a result of the case. That figure was $21,400.

The arbitrator during the initial hearing in August 2015 wrote that: "Frankly, I am convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that Chucky was mortally wounded when the defendants were target shooting ... I think it is quite likely that the youngest boy fired at Chucky when his father wasn’t looking."

The dog, named Chucky, an English springer spaniel, was reportedly killed by a pellet gun. Although the Hayles' attorney, Dan Stowe, said his clients did not have pellet guns, the jurors did not believe him.

"There were no other people there," said jury foreman Bill Grall about the location of Chucky's shooting. "They knew all about it."

Of the jurors' verdict ordering the Hayles' family to pay $100,000, Anderson said "I don’t even have words in my vocabulary to express my gratitude toward them," according to the Tri-City Herald.

Anderson now cares for another dog, a 1-year-old black mouth cur, named Gomer.

"He’s got a big heart, but he’ll never have what Chuck had," said Anderson.

Sources: Yakima Herald, Tri-City Herald / Photo credit: Jim Anderson via Yakima Herald

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