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Dog Owner Finds Hot Dog Filled With Shards In Yard (Photo)


A woman found shards of metal inside hot dogs buried in her yard after her dogs alerted her to the suspicious meat.

Emma Medeiros took her two dogs out into her yard one morning and decided to sit down while the two dogs roamed about, according to BuzzFeed. But when one of the dogs continued to sniff at one particular spot, Medeiros decided to have a look.

"It was super nice out so I decided to sit on the front patio while they go do their business, until I noticed my border collie Ophelia sniff a piece of meat that was in the yard," she said.

That's when she spotted a hot dog with a suspicious glint to it. She picked it up and said her "stomach just dropped." Inside the hot dog were several shards of metal that appeared to be intentionally placed inside the meat.

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"My worst fear as being a dog owner -- there were sharp shards of metal in it."

"I don't think I have ever been so shocked in my life," she said. "It astounds me that someone would want to hurt my precious dogs, or any dog in that manner."

Medeiros says she immediately notified local police in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, and the Regina Humane Society after discovering the suspicious item.

If eaten, shards of metal can cause tears in the intestinal tract and internal bleeding.

"It could have been someone's child playing out front and not knowing any better and sticking that in their mouth," Medeiros said. "It's terrible to think of."

The company that makes Nathan's and Curtis brand hot dogs recently recalled more than 200,000 pounds of hot dogs after receiving complaints of metal found in packages, according to CNBC. It was not immediately clear if the two incidents were related, although the complaints from Nathan's and Curtis products appear to be about foreign substances in packing, not in the meat itself.

There had been no confirmed issues or reactions from anyone consuming the recalled product, which affects several different kinds of hot dogs under the Nathan's and Curtis brands.

The company instructs consumers to discard the affected products or return them for a full refund, according to Fox News. It also advised anyone who believes they may have eaten the product in question and are suffering from adverse reactions to see a medical professional immediately.

According to NBC News, approximately 818 hot dogs are consumed in the U.S. every second between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Sources: BuzzFeed, CNBC, Fox News, NBC News / Photo credit: Mark Bonica/Flickr, Emma Madeiros via BuzzFeed

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