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Owner Returns Home From Vacation To Find Dog Poisoned

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A California dog owner discovered her dog dying in her home after somebody poisoned the animal.

Bree Smith of Carlsbad, California, returned home on June 23 after a three-day vacation to find her 8-year-old dog Simon was lying in the garage, poisoned.

“First thing I noticed was a green pile of dog poop — bright green,” she recounted to 10 News. “And then we saw Simon lying down in the garage. He wasn’t moving at all.”

After rushing the dachshund mix to the veterinarian, the family discovered the canine had been fed rat poison.

“It was crushing to me,” Smith said.

Smith believes someone threw a piece of poisoned cheese over the home’s fence.

“You didn’t have to go to those lengths,” she said tearfully. “You didn’t have to kill him.”

Simon had to be euthanized.

“He was having seizures and couldn’t swallow,” she said.

She has since filed a police report and provided law enforcement officials with a likely motive, 10 News reports.

She told reporters her two dogs would play in the family’s side yard during the day and her in-laws would place them in the garage at night.

According to Smith, a neighbor had complained to her father-in-law about the dogs.

“She said, ‘You need to get these dogs to stop barking,'” Smith told 10News. “It’s just disturbing and unsettling that someone who lives near me likely did this.”

Source: 10News, YouTube

Photo Credit: Bree Smith via 10News


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