Dog Owner Confronted For Leaving Dog in Car at 104 Degrees (Video)


An unidentified cameraman recently confronted a man and his mother as they walked to their car where their dog was locked inside.

According to the YouTube page where the video (below) was loaded, the incident happened in Las Vegas when the temperature was 104 degrees.

According to Nevada State law, "a person shall not allow a cat or dog to remain unattended in a parked or standing motor vehicle during a period of extreme heat or cold or in any other manner that endangers the health or safety of the cat or dog."

It's not clear how long the dog was in the car, but the American Veterinary Medical Association claims that temperatures can rise 20 degrees in 10 minutes and 30 degrees in 20 minutes.

"You wanna get this car open and let that dog out of there?" asks the cameraman. "The police department is already on their way. It's against the law."

"And? And?" the dog owner asks sarcastically. "It's my mother's car."

"I don't care," says the cameraman. "You know how hot it gets in those cars?"

"Dude, the windows are down," responds the dog owner.

"It doesn't matter," yells the cameraman. "It's still against the law... If you care anything about your dog, you won't do this to him. You're lucky I didn't break your damn window. You sir, are an ass----."

Sources: YouTube,, American Veterinary Medical Association


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