Dog Sole Survivor Of Plane Crash That Killed 3 People

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A dog was the sole survivor of a plane crash in Indiana that killed three people and an another dog. 

On Dec. 16, the small Cessna crashed in the woods near Oldenburg, Indiana, according to Fox News. The plane caught fire after the crash, but firefighters were able to put the flames out and retrieve the bodies. 

The three people who died in the crash and their dog have not been identified. 

The surviving dog was found nearby, injured but alive. The dog was taken to a veterinarian for treatment. 

In a post on Facebook, Carol Stenger said the surviving dog ended up at her house, where it stayed until police took it to the veterinarian. 

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"Our heart goes out to the people that died in this plane crash and prayers to the family left behind," she wrote. "The dog that survived this crash came to our house...I felt so sorry for this dog she was burnt with injuries..I took care of her until the officers found a Vet to take her to for help. How this poor dog survived this plane crash her guardian angel was definitely with her and brought her to us for help."

The plane was en route from Kansas City, Missouri, to Frederick, Maryland, according to a press release from Indiana State Police. The cause of the crash remains under investigation. 

"My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims' families," tweeted Indiana State Police spokesman Sg.t Stephen Wheeles.

Photos from the crash site show a piece of wreckage partially hidden under a pile of branches. 

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This isn't the first instance of a dog surviving a deadly plane crash. 

In 2011, a labradoodle named Brady was one of the only survivors in a crash that killed two people and another dog, according to Daily Mail.

Brady belonged to 16-year-old Austin Hatch, the only other survivor of the crash. Austin's father and stepmother died when their plane went down. 

Tragically, it was the second plane crash to devastate the Hatch family. Austin and his father had previously survived a plane crash in 2003 that killed Austin's mother and two siblings.

While Austin was injured in the crash and had to be placed in a medically induced coma, Brady somehow escaped completely unharmed. 

"The dog seemed perfectly fine," police animal control supervisor Julie Whitley told People. "No injuries. No broken bones. It was scared, and it was wet, but it seemed fine." 

Brady was eventually retrieved by a family friend. 

"She indicated that this was actually Austin's dog," Whitley said. "They were assuming the worst since [the other dog] had been found dead in the wreckage. When they notified Austin's stepsister that the dog was still alive, she was crying on the phone."

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