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Dog Neglected Because Of Birth Deformity Makes Incredible Transformation (Photos)

A 4-month-old dog born with a paw deformity was neglected by his original owners, but once an Ohio animal service arranged a rescue, they were able to get him and his sister to safety and transform them into brand new pups.

Casper reportedly lived in the backwoods of Kentucky, and when PetPromise Inc. first caught wind of his story, they knew they had to save him. The puppy was reportedly born with some missing toes on one of his paws and was severely neglected by his owners.

When rescuers arrived after arranging a pickup, they found the dog covered in ticks "from head to toe." Casper’s sister was also severely neglected, and upon discovering her, workers decided to rescue her too.

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Once the dogs were rushed to a local animal hospital, they were immediately examined and treated for their ailments. Upon further examination, it was discovered that Casper’s deformity actually prevented him from standing up and ultimately caused stress fractures in his leg.

“The options given were to either amputate his leg, which for a dog that will grow to be 120lbs+ is less than ideal, or to consider doing surgery on his foot to remove the toes that he does have, and fit him for a prosthetic foot,” PetPromise wrote on Imgur. “The prosthetic foot is a much more costly investment over time as he will outgrow several of them before he is fully matured, but it gives him the best long term prognosis for a long and happy life. At PetPromise, that is what we want for all of the animals that come into our care- so of course the decision was an easy one.”

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Casper has transformed into a happy, healthy dog with a zest for life and a love of other animals. PetPromise is asking for the public’s help in raising money to cover Casper’s costly prosthetic procedure.

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The Ohio-based organization hopes that donations and participation in their fundraising events will help Casper live a full life.

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