Dog Almost Dies After Being Dyed Purple (Photos)

Dog Almost Dies After Being Dyed Purple (Photos) Promo Image

A dog nearly died after being dyed purple and suffering severe effects.

Pinellas County Animal Services took to Facebook to share the story of Violet, a dog who was dyed purple and as a result suffered from swollen eyes and severe skin burns.

"Violet’s eyes were swollen shut, she was limp and listless, she had obvious burns to her skin -- we gave fluids, pain meds and we gently washed as much of the chemical dye off as we could, we bandaged her up. Then we waited -- Violet went home with our veterinarian and we waited. And she came in the next morning and we were amazed that she had made it through the night. But still we waited.

"She wasn’t out of the woods but she was alert and freely offering kisses. Good news but the journey had just begun. We began the arduous process of shaving off her hair to really measure the damage -- to our horror her skin began to slough off," the organization wrote in the post.

After three months of intense treatment and anxiety on the part of Pinellas County animal workers, Violet had her final bandages removed and it was found that she'd healed completely.

"She will always have her own individual style and that’s just fine with her new owners, who specialize in beautifying pets," the post read.

"So as you dry up those tears please take one thing away from Violet’s journey -- only use products specifically meant for pets or you could be putting your pet’s life on the line."

Many people reacted strongly to the story, slamming the dog's original owner who made the decision to dye her fur.

"Geez, use your brains! It stands to reason that human product would not be suitable for dogs. Don't know what they used, but many human hair dyes specify that they should not be used for humans under a certain age so it's safe to assume these products aren't safe for dogs. Who does that anyway? I would never even think of doing this to my sweet dog," one reader commented on Shared's Facebook page.

"People are too ignorant for words. Why would anyone, in God's name, ever do that to their dog? What if someone were to mix up a few boxes of hair dye and paint your entire body with it....all parts included!!!! I wonder how you would feel...and Oh, just be sure to leave it on overnight just so you can really feel the pain. You're a total idiot," another wrote.

"Some people are so brain dead causing cruelty to animals for their own pleasure ....There should be a legal penalty charged for this ..they shouldn't get away with it," another added.

Sources: Pinellas County Animal Services/Facebook, Shared/Facebook / Featured Image: Max Pixel / Embedded Images: Pinellas County Animal Services/Facebook

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