Dog Meat Seller Dies From Accidental Injection Of His Own Poison


A dog meat vendor in China was killed after accidentally injecting himself with the poison he used to kill the animals he sold.

In June 2013, the man was demonstrating to a group of vendors how to shoot and kill dogs with a poisonous crossbow when an arrow struck him in the leg, according to South China Morning Post. He was rushed to a nearby hospital, but was reportedly dead upon arrival. 

Five other members of the group of dog meat vendors were subsequently arrested and later admitted to killing more than 1,000 animals and freezing their carcasses to be sold. Due to China’s loose animal cruelty laws, it not known whether the men faced charges for their actions. 

The incident occurred in the Hunan province, where dog meat is considered a delicacy. The country’s animal laws have faced widespread condemnation from people throughout the world, even prompting an online petition that called for the Chinese government to put a stop to dog meat trade. The petition garnered 460,000 signatures.

Sources: The New Paper Online, Daily Express

Photo Credit:, Pinterest/Flickr


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