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Dog Mauls Family After Owner Tries To Put Sweater On Him (Photo)

A husband and wife in Tampa, Florida, wound up in the hospital after being violently attacked by the family dog.

Brenda Guerrero, 52, was outside on Dec. 30 attempting to put a sweater on Scarface, her pit bull mix, when the dog turned on her, according to KABC. Scarface then attacked Brenda's husband, 46-year-old Ismael Guerrero, when he intervened to protect his wife.

At that point the Guerreros' son, 22-year-old Antoine Harris, took a knife and began stabbing the dog in the head and neck. Scarface attacked Harris as well before all three escaped into the house, where they called the police.

"Officers responding said the dog was pretty aggressive," police department spokesman Eddy Durkin said. "When they tased the dog the dog was still pulling away and was able to release the prongs from the taser."

Scarface was then shot with a tranquilizer gun by Animal Control personnel, although he still managed to get inside the house. Fearing that he might attack the children, police used a beanbag gun and another taser to subdue the dog, allowing Animal Control to finally capture him with a catch pole.

Brenda and Ismael were taken to the hospital to receive treatment for their injuries. Police say that Brenda's injuries were serious but not life-threatening. Both are expected to make full recoveries.

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Brenda's granddaughter, Tina Harris, told the New York Daily News that Brenda underwent an operation for her bite wounds.

"She's doing much better because she can finally move and talk," Harris said, adding that Brenda "was really attached to that dog."

It is unclear whether Scarface will be euthanized.

Sources: KABC, New York Daily News / Photo Credit: New York Daily News

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