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Pit Bull That Attacked Two Children Will Be Euthanized

A pit bull in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, is set to be euthanized after the dog attacked two children, police said.

The pit bull allegedly mauled a 2-year-old girl and a 5-year-old boy after it broke through a fence, The Associated Press reports. The children, who were strapped in their car seats in the back of a minivan, suffered puncture wounds to their faces.

The mother of the two children pulled the dog away with the help of several neighbors. Tom Grab said that he pulled the dog off of the children, but it escaped his grasp and continued to attack them.

"You just snap into trying to get the dog off [the children] at all costs," Grab said, according to AOL. "So at that point I wasn't thinking."

"I held [the dog] for like what felt like forever but it was like five seconds," said Grab. "It was raining, so it slipped right off. And then it got back on the kid again before the kid could even get up."

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According to Lancaster Police Lt. Bill Hickey, the boy remains hospitalized in serious condition, but the young girl has been released from the hospital.

Grab said that the boy "didn't really have a face" after the dog was through with him, the AP reports.

The mother was also treated for scratches, ABC reports.

The 5-year-old, 66-pound pit bull did not stop attacking the children until the dog's owner came out to secure it, said police.

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The dog's owner will voluntarily euthanize the dog, which is currently in quarantine, on June 30, Hickey said. No charges have been reported to be filed in the case.

After a similar attack, a 10-year-old girl in Detroit is in critical condition and has lost her foot after she was mauled by a pit bull while playing in a backyard, reports the Detroit Free Press.

The girl was playing in a yard when a pit bull emerged from a home and began to attack her. The girl's aunt, 55, tried to stop the dog, but it then turned against the woman, injuring her leg.

The attack was the second dog mauling in 24 hours in the city, as well as the fifth that month.

The girl is in "extremely critical condition," said public information officer Jennifer Moreno. 

"There is a possibility of charges, but the investigation is still very fresh and fluid," said Moreno. "There have been quite a few attacks lately. Chief [James Craig] stated that it is an issue that needs to be addressed."

The aunt was also being treated for her wounds, and her condition is unclear.

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