Dog Killings Prompt Call for Stricter Cruelty Laws


Following the gruesome killing of 100 dogs used to give sled tours in Whistler, British Columbia, a Canadian government task force wants to set new guidelines for the dogsledding industry and toughen up cruelty-to-animals laws. It's not a moment too soon!

Drew Avery/cc by 2.0

An employee of dogsled company Outdoor Adventures Whistler says he was made to shoot or cut the throats of the dogs when the demand for dogsled rides dropped after the Vancouver Olympics in the spring of 2010. The huge public outcry prompted the Canadian government to investigate the incident and the dogsled industry's animal welfare standards—or lack thereof.

Heading up the task force is Dr. Terry Lake, who said, "I don't like the word cull. I think that means you are killing a bunch of animals you don't need. I think that is unacceptable and our recommendations will reflect that."

Speaking of dog abuse, the first person to cross the finish line in the Iditarod broke the previous record by three hours. Somehow, the fact that dogs are being forced to work harder and harder every year doesn't seem like reason to celebrate. So far, at least one dog in the race has collapsed and had to be resuscitated.

Written by Michelle Sherrow


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