Dog Inadvertently Leads Police To $100K In Cash And 20 Pounds Of Marijuana

Who let the dogs out? The answer is not the Baha Men, but 62-year-old Charles Barcus of Conway, New Hampshire, who reportedly let his German shepherd loose in a motel, only to have the incident lead authorities to his bathtub full of marijuana and $106,000 in cash.

Housekeepers spotted the dog running around the Red Roof Inn in Salem, New Hampshire, on June 23 and went to alert Barcus, the dog’s owner, WMUR reported.

“When she arrived at the room she found the door was open and lights on inside, but she couldn't get anyone's attention so she went inside to see if she could locate anybody,” said Sgt. Steven Woidyla, of the Salem Police Department. “Once inside she could smell a strong odor of marijuana, and (she) looked in the bathtub and saw a large trash bag (that) she suspected was full of marijuana.”

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Hotel management called the police, who then confronted Barcus.

“He admitted to the detectives (that) there was 20 pounds of marijuana in the room and a large amount of cash,” Woidyla said. “Upon searching the room they found a trash bag with approximately 20 pounds of marijuana and more than $100,000 in the room safe.”

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Barcus has been charged with possession with the intent to distribute and he’ll trade his motel room for a jail cell until he appears in court on July 1.

He’s currently being held on $50,000 cash bail and it’s unknown if he has a lawyer, The Washington Post reported.

Sources: WMUR, The Washington Post

Image via Harold Meerveld/Flickr, WMUR Screenshot


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