Man's Dog, Rescuers Work Together To Free Him From Deep Mud (Video)

One Ohio hunter's dog is most definitely his best friend after the furry companion helped rescue him from a potentially dangerous situation Saturday. 

The Springfield News-Sun reports the unnamed hunter had waded out into shallow water in Buck Creek State Park to check on a duck blind when he got his feet stuck in some deep mud. 

Luckily for for the hunter he had his cellphone with him and was able to call for help. And luckily for the park staff and rescuers who responded to the call, the hunter had his dog with him. 

A crew from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Watercraft quickly realized the water was too shallow to launch a boat to drive out and retrieve the man. 

Instead, rescuers tied a lifeline to the hunter’s dog, who then swam out to the man. Once that line was secured to the stranded hunter, a rescuer, attached to an additional line, waded out to help pull the man free. In video of the rescue (shown below) a shore crew can be seen pulling both the hunter and the rescuer to safety. 

Medics at the scene checked to make sure the hunter was OK. He had no reported injuries, but was stuck in the mud for nearly two hours. 

Rick Hughes, from the Moorefield Township Fire Department, helped with the rescue. He told WDTN News the cold weather and the cold water made the situation all the more dangerous. 

“It’s a good thing he had his cell phone considering he was in the mud and water to about his chest and it was about 33 degrees,” Hughes said. “He wasn’t going to fair too well much longer out there."

Sources: Springfield News-SunWDTN News

Photo Credit: Screen shot via YouTube


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