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Dog Helps Cat Get Cup Off Of Head (Video)

A dog recently helped a cat by removing a cup that was stuck on the feline's head.

The cat wandered around with a red cup stuck on its head for several seconds, when the large black dog grabbed the object in his mouth and gently pulled it off the cat's head, noted the Daily Mail (video below).

The cat and dog then went on their separate ways.

In more dog news, a pit bull from Galveston, Texas, was recently found at an animal shelter in Indiana.

The dog, named "Blue," had been missing since May 2014 after he escaped from JoeAnn Navarro's backyard, noted the Galveston Daily News.

Fortunately, Navarro had a microchip implanted in Blue, which was discovered by the Indiana Humane Society Shelter.

However, Navarro didn’t have the money to go get Blue.

After the story was covered by the media, brothers Mitchell and Bill Russell, and their friend Bobby Stanton drove to Kokomo, Indiana, to pick up Blue.

“We loaded [Blue] in the truck, and when I went to go finish up the paperwork, she barked at me as if to say, ‘Let’s get going before [the shelter] changes its mind,” Mitchell told the Galveston Daily News.

Mitchell, his buddies and Blue were expected to arrive at the Galveston Island Humane Society today.

Sources: Daily Mail, Galveston Daily News
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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