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Dog Praised For Heroically Saving Best Dog Friend (Video)

A heroic and brave dog is being credited for saving his best friend’s life after the other pet got stuck in two feet of mud.

Razor, a tiny dachshund in Belen, New Mexico, is being hailed a hero for saving his best dog friend’s life. Jazzy, a 9-year-old St. Bernard, apparently got loose last week, and as their owner Tim Chavez was getting ready to go to work, he noticed that Razor was acting different.

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“I went to feed him, and he was kind of going crazy, trying to get my attention,” Chavez explained.

After Chavez went to work, the tiny dog’s behavior became even more aggressive. Finally, one neighbor became concerned and followed Razor through a field, along an irrigation line, and into a ditch where Jazzy was stuck in two feet of mud. Shortly thereafter, local police and firefighters showed up ready to pull the dog out of the mud.

“It’s never happened in my career, and in this business, we see a lot of things. This is the first time that we participated in something like this,” Belen Fire Chief Manny Garcia told KRQE. “This is a great story. One I think that is very unique, and one that animal lovers across our state will love. We’re used to rescuing humans, and when it comes to somebody’s pet, it’s just like a family member. What makes it unique is the people in Belen care for each other.”

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Chavez says he is happy that Jazzy is doing well and is thankful for Razor’s persistence and bravery.

“It really means a lot,” Chavez said. “You don’t really realize how attached you are to your pets until something like this happens.”

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Sources: Daily Mail, KRQE / Photo Source: Daily Mail


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