Dog Guards His Owner’s Dead Body And Refuses To Leave The Spot Where He Died


A dog in Oklahoma City was so enamored with and loyal to his owner that he refused to budge from the spot where the man died – the same place where he guarded his dead body in 100-degree temperatures, reports Daily Mail.

The owner, who is thought to be a transient, reportedly died of natural causes. Despite the scorching heat, his bull terrier stuck to him like glue, guarding his deceased body until authorities showed up. And when police arrived, they attempted to pry the pup away, but he kept trying to return to the exact location where his owner had died, reports KFOR.

Sheridan Lowery, who is an animal welfare supervisor at Oklahoma City Animal Shelter, said the dog’s behavior is perfectly normal. “We have found animals inside residences with owners literally lying on the body next to the body because they are family, they’re said,” Lowery said. “Their owner is deceased. They don’t know what is going on. They don’t know how to act. They don’t know how to react.”

The bull terrier is currently living at the animal shelter, where he is said to be exhibiting signs of depression and grief. He is refusing to eat, drink, bark, or even lift up his head, according to animal control officers. Lowery says he seems to simply want to be left alone so that he can mourn.

“I took him out to go walk our facility here for a little bit and he keeps looking everywhere,” Lowery said. “He’s looking to his left, he’s looking to his right.”

Police are reportedly trying to make sure the pup didn’t belong to another family. If they fail to find a previous owner, he will be put up for adoption – and Lowery vows the dog will prove a faithful companion.

“If he’s shown this kind of attachment, this kind of dedication to family he could make a really good family pet,” he said. “I would say it’s just another example of family sticking with family.”

Sources: Daily Mail, KFOR


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