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Dog Groomer Fired for Animal Abuse, Humane Society Launches Investigation (Video)

A dog groomer in Calgary, Canada, was fired Thursday after being caught on tape abusing a dog under her care.

A former employee at Fur Kids, Trina Riel, secretly taped the unidentified female groomer hitting one dog with a brush and knocking him around as the dog cowers. In another video the same groomer chases a dog with a vacuum cleaner, Global News reports.

“It’s absolutely disgusting,” Riel said. “These are people’s kids, for some of them.”

Riel said she quit her job because animals are regularly mistreated at the facility.

“There were days when I would end up tearing up in the grooming room," Riel said. "I’d have to go outside and say I was going on a break, and I would just hide my face."

The Calgary Humane Society has launched an investigation into the dog day care. The owner of Fur Kids Global told Global News that it will follow any recommendations made by the Humane Society.

“The number of calls we’ve received this morning has been overwhelming," said Christy Thompson, general manager of community relations for the Calgary Humane Society. "Calgary and the public have been completely outraged by the video and this story.” 

The Humane Society is gathering witness statements to accompany several videos of abuse. They said the compilation will be given to Crown prosecutors early next week.

The owner of Fur Kids Daycare, Dean Miles, said this was the first time any allegations of abuse have been brought against its employees.

“The safety of our dogs is the most important thing because that’s our business,” Miles told the Calgary Herald. “When things like this happen, you’ve got to react to it.”

Warning: The following video contains violence and animal cruelty. Discretion is advised.

Sources:  Calgary HeraldGlobal News


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