Dog Goes To Church Everyday To Mourn Owner Who Passed Away Two Months Ago


A German Shepherd attends Mass almost every day. Each time, he sits by the altar and waits.

The church was the last place he saw his owner before she died.

Tommy, the 12-year-old loyal dog, has been attending church for two months, in hopes of seeing his owner, Maria, again.

As seen in the pictures below, Tommy waits for his owner to come back, but it is to no avail. Still, the dog sits patiently and quietly.

“When the bells of the Santa Maria Assunta church begin to toll each afternoon in San Donaci near Brindisi, the 12-year-old German Shepherd sets off from the village to get himself a front row seat next to the altar,” according to the Il Messaggero newspaper.

Tommy previously lived with three other rescue dogs. The dogs, who used to follow their owner Maria everywhere, have now been adopted by the village, according to Pawnnation.

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Sources: Pawnnation, Daily Mail


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