Residents Adopt Puppies Left Behind By Dog Who Died Saving Commuters in India


A dog is being hailed as a hero after reportedly jumping into a seemingly ordinary puddle, which, hidden to the six people not far behind him, contained a live wire.

The incident occurred at 8:45 p.m. on Sept. 3. Several people had just disembarked from the Gummidipoondi-Chennai Central local train.

The Times of India describes that as six men came out of Central station, they paused; in that moment, a stray dog barked and jumped into a puddle, after which he instantly became lifeless.

Seconds later, the commuters realized that the pool of water, which they had been about to step into, contained a live wire snapped from an electrical line.

According to the Times of India, the dog had barked to keep the commuters from approaching the dangerous puddle; when they paid no attention to his bark, the dog took its final leap, leaving the humans “stunned by what they saw as an act of supreme sacrifice.”

As Dawn Williams, general manager of Blue Cross said, “On Wednesday night, a broken high voltage wire fell in a pool of collected rainwater inside the railway premises. The frantic dog kept barking but people shooed it away. It dashed ahead, jumped in the water, and gave up its life.”

When Railway Protection Force was informed of the incident, inspector N. Alagar Swamy cordoned off the area.

RPF also discovered a litter of 10-day-old pups, which they rescued and gave to Blue Cross. As news of the dog’s heroism spread, Blue Cross received many phone calls about the puppies, all of which were adopted by residents.

“When we went to the Blue Cross to adopt a dog, people told us about the pup’s mother who had saved human lives. We immediately adopted them,” said Pradeepa, who adopted two dogs.

Sources: Times of India, India TV News

Photo Sources: India TV News, NewfandHound


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