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Watch: No One Responds To 'Jazzy' The Dog's Cries For Help (Video)

A female dog named Jazzy got her leg stuck in a kennel door at Downey Animal Care shelter in California on Tuesday and staff members reportedly ignored her cries, which were caught on video.

Two rescue volunteers saw the 9-year-old "purebred mutt" struggling to set her front leg free from the cage and immediately told staff members about it. But, they say, no one came to help Jazzy, even after they made several trips back and forth from the cage to the workers, reports the Examiner. Jazzy was eventually able to wiggle her leg free.

Jazzy was brought to the kennel on March 17 and is described as a friendly dog who gets along with other dogs and is most likely house-trained. Jazzy was reportedly checked by medical staff after the incident and is okay.

A representative for Downey posted the following statement on its Facebook page in response to the incident:

There was an incident that occurred with "Jazzy", an animal in our care yesterday evening. One of our customers had the unfortunate experience of observing "Jazzy" getting her paw stuck in a door that divides our kennels from the inside to outside areas. Our staff was alerted to this, and the Officer in charge radioed another staff member that was working the kennel area at the time. The staff member arrived within a minute and found that "Jazzy" had already freed herself from the divider. The staff member left the divider open, thus preventing any further incident with the divider in "Jazzy’s" kennel.

"Jazzy" was placed on the medical evaluation list, and the Downey Animal Care Center’s Veterinarian examined "Jazzy". The Doctor noted no abnormalities or limping, and no signs of pain or injury.

Although the Downey Animal Care Center is a dated facility, we are working diligently to upgrade damaged kennels and cages. We are committed to provide the highest care possible for all animals at our facility.

Anyone interested in adopting Jazzy can contact the Downey Animal Shelter and reference A4700934.

Source: ExaminerFacebook/Photo Credit: Screenshot


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