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Search On For Owner Of Dallas Dog Who Stood Guard By Dying Friend (Photo)

A picture of a dog remaining by the side of his dead friend on a Dallas roadside has made headlines after being widely shared on social media.

The Great Pyrenees, who was not wearing a tag when he was found, lay next to the brown shepherd mix, which was believed to have been hit by a car, according to NBC 5.

The photograph was taken by Samuel Flores on Nov. 8, who shared it with animal advocate Julie Fennell.

“He was just kind of sitting guard like a statue, just sitting there watching over his friend’s body,” Fennell told NBC 5. “It really looks like she was hit in the road, you can see the blood in the road, and it looks like he drug her up onto the grass out of the road.”

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Rescuers are unsure about the relationship between the dog and his dead companion.

“He made a friend,” Fennell added. “Whether it was his companion in his yard at home or whether they met up as strays, but something made him stay by her side.”

The dog’s owner is yet to be identified. The Great Pyrenees is being held at Dallas Animal Services (DAS), where he will remain for 72 hours to allow an owner to come forward.

DAS workers found signs that the dog had been owned in the past, including trimmed toenails, clean ears and clear eyes, CBS 11 reported.

“I believe he is owned by somebody, that there’s somebody out there who is looking for him,” DAS manager Teresa Cleek told CBS 11.

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The Pyrenees will be put up for adoption by local non-profit Saving Pyrenees In Need (SPIN) if no owner comes forward.

“Everybody is calling and excited. Everybody wants him. So we have no doubt he’ll be adopted within hours if his owner does not claim him,” Harriet Holiday of SPIN told CBS. 

Sources: NBC 5, CBS 11 / Photo credit: Samuel Flores/Julie Fennell via CBS Local


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