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Dog Found Buried Alive Dies After Being Rescued (Photos)

Dog Found Buried Alive Dies After Being Rescued (Photos) Promo Image

There is a $15,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of whoever buried a dog alive near Atlanta.

The dog was found on June 6 by Eric Purdue. "Lulu," as Purdue named the Chow mix, was discovered on an ATV trail buried up to her nose, reports the Daily Mail. Officials believe she may have been left there for up to three days.

Purdue said he was cutting briars along the trail when he heard a noise from about 25 yards away. When he located the source of the noise, he immediately began trying to free the dog from the ground.

His son and nephew joined in as they dug with their hands for 30 minutes until they were able to pull Lulu from the earth.

"I think she knew we were trying to help her, so she just laid there," Purdue explained. "She wasn't super responsive."

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There are conflicting reports as to exactly when Lulu was taken to a veterinarian.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) reports that Purdue "rushed the brown chow mix to receive emergency veterinary care." The Daily Mail similarly reports that she was "rushed to a local veterinarian," but also that Purdue took Lulu home that evening and never left her side. He and his family bathed her and petted her for hours. "She was always with us … until we went to bed, she was always being petted," Purdue is quoted as saying.

According to Purdue, one day after Lulu was pulled from the ground, the vet called to inform him that she had died, the Daily Mail adds.

"I was planning on adopting the dog," Purdue said. "I visualized the dog riding around with me in my truck. But they called me around 4:30 the next day to tell me that she'd passed.”

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"This person needs help. A lot of it. Or some serious jail time, or both," Purdue said of the responsible party. "I just couldn't believe that someone would take so much time to do such a terrible thing to a dog. They're sick. Sick. And if they're just plain cruel, maybe someone will bury them for a day or two, see how they like it."

PETA, which had initially offered a $5,000 reward, announced in a July 5 press release that it was increasing that amount:

"PETA is now doubling our reward and offering up to $10,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction on cruelty charges of the person or persons responsible for this crime. ... Someone must know where this dog came from and who buried her alive, leaving her to suffer in terror for days. PETA is urging anyone with information about this dog or her tormenter to come forward immediately, before anyone else gets hurt."

The Humane Society is contributing $5,000 to PETA's reward, for a total of $15,000.

Sources: Daily Mail, PETA / Photo credit: Adam Greig/Flickr, Eric Purdue via Daily Mail, WSB via Daily Mail

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