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Dog Found Alive In The Arms Of Dead Former Police Officer After Tornado

A retired detective and his wife were found dead by a 14-year-old neighbor after a devastating tornado ravaged their home in Van, Texas, but miraculously, one of their beloved dogs was found alive, curled up in the man’s arms.

Retired Garland detective David Tapley, 60, and his wife Brenda, 62, were found dead by teen neighbor Emmanuel Vasquez after their home collapsed during a tornado over the weekend. David and his wife were reportedly animal lovers, and while two of their three dogs were killed in the storm, one was found alive, curled up in one arm of the retired detective. His other arm was reportedly reaching out towards his wife’s body.

"Shocking… I couldn’t move at all,” Emmanuel recalled. “All I did was yell. I saw something and I got close to it. And it was the lady and then the man. So I just froze for a moment. And then I screamed for my dad.”

Friends and family describe David as a passionate police officer. A fellow officer writing online said: “I am so saddened by this tragedy. He was so passionate about his profession, yet so friendly and funny. We had such great laughs together. I am a better person because of David."

A relative wrote on a memorial page:

"As the day drags on, the shock begins to wear off and the reality of this horrific situation sets in. If there's one thing that can calm my unsteady heart, it's the knowledge that my uncle and aunt are together standing with our Almighty God. I pray my family and all that knew them will remember the good times, their contagious laughs, their big hearts and not this nasty situation.”

The devastating tornado reportedly injured 42 people, four of whom suffered critical injuries.

Sources: NY Daily News, CBS DFW

Photo Source: Supplied via NY Daily News


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