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Dog Found After Oklahoma Tornado Euthanized After Just 3 Days

A mixed-breed dog who was a victim of the Oklahoma City tornadoes last month was accidentally put down by an animal shelter after a woman found her and hoped her owners would pick her up.

Sarah Sheets found the dog walking around her neighborhood on May 31, after the tornado. She wanted to keep the dog and give her to a friend who had a shelter in Florida if the Oklahoma City Animal Shelter failed to find her owners.

"She was so sweet," Sheets said. "I didn't even have to have a leash on her, she would just follow you."

Sheets took her to the shelter and told staff that she was a storm dog. Storm dogs have 30 days until they are euthanized if their owner doesn't pick them up, while normal dogs only have three days.

They accidentally labeled the dog as a normal admittance, and she was put down after just three days. 

When Sheets called to see if they had found the dog's owners, a representative told her that a member of the staff failed to label her as a storm dog and she was put down.

They said it was an "unfortunate mistake" and that the member who made the mistake was being dealt with. With 300 or more animals, the shelter is often overcrowded.

"This is not a mistake, I don't even know what this is," Sheets said. "The only reason I took her there was because I was hoping that her owners would find her. It breaks my heart that I was responsible for her death."

She said she wants the shelter to start calling the person who admitted dogs into the facility before they are put down. 

While the Oklahoma City tornadoes destroyed many homes and killed people, it also affected animals. Animal welfare agencies across the country have been working to identify lost dogs and cats.

Sources: Daily Mail, Fox


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