Dog Fighting Video on Cell Phone Leads Police to Charge Brothers With Animal Fighting, Baiting

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One of two Rock Hill, S.C., brothers believed to be involved in dog fighting has been arrested and jailed, and police are searching for the other,  reports.

After viewing a cell phone obtained under a search warrant for an unrelated investigation, a Rock Hill, S.C., detective came across a video dated Dec. 6, 2013, which showed two Pit Bulls engaged in a gruesome, bloody match, according to a Rock Hill Police report.

"The dogs were just tearing each other apart. It was graphic," police spokesman Mark Bollinger told WSOC Channel 9 .

The voices of two brothers, Marcus Danzel Brice, 25, and Michael Jerome Brice, 32, can be heard in the background, urging the dogs to fight harder, the police report states.

Then one of the dogs stopped.  Police heard Michael Brice tell Marcus  to “Hit her again, hit her face,” and  Marcus Brice struck the dog multiple times with a board until they started fighting again, according to the police report.

The detective then realized a lot of things he was seeing on the video looked familiar, including the men involved.

 "He looked at it a couple times and he realized he knew both Brices and also recognized the house in the background," Bollinger said.

WSOC Channel 9 went to the house in the film on Hickory Lane Wednesday and reported that it was vacant  and boarded up.

The owner  told reporters that the Brice brothers weren't  supposed to be living there.

Reporters found  two small dog houses with food and water bowls outside. On a path in the woods behind the house, there were half a dozen more dog houses with chains wrapped around trees.  Nearby there were fresh dog prints and empty dog-food bags, Channel 9 discovered.

They interviewed Brian Cathcart, a cousin of the Brice brother , who told WSOC reporters that  they are not dog fighters and are just breeding the Pit Bulls to make money.

When Channel 9 asked Cathcart about  the cellphone video, he responded,  “If he was beating on a dog, it was to break them up, not to get them to fight," Cathcart said, claiming Brice’s dog is ‘dog-aggressive.’

Animal Control Director Steve Stuber said they seized three dogs from the house this week. Two have been euthanized due to aggression.

Marcus Brice was arrested on Tuesday and charged with animal fighting and baiting, reports.  He is being held at the York County jail on $12,000 bond. Authorities have issued a warrant for Michael Brice.

Sources: Herald Online, WSOC


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