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Dog Fighting In Philippines Caught on Video Cam by Bayan Patroller (VIDEO)

A dog fighting event in Makati City in which two men are pitting their dogs against each other was caught on camera by a Bayan (BMPM) Patroller on January 20 at about 10 a.m. (Makati is one of 16 cities that make up Metro Manila in the Philippines.)

The footage shows the two still unidentified men first restraining the two dogs, then releasing them and pushing them into a fight, while a child sits nearby watching.

The dogs are then seen biting each other on the face. The Bayan Patroller who took the video reported that both dogs had severe wounds on their faces after the fight, which lasted for about 10 minutes.

The Patroller said the two dogs were then put inside two separate cages after the fight.

Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) Executive Director Anna Cabrera said dog fighting violates Republic Act 10631 or the Amended Animal Welfare Act.

Cabrera said people who are caught "engaging their dogs in battle" may face jail time of at least six months and fine of not over than P250,000 (approximately $11,000.)

She added that PAWS is appealing to the public to immediately report such incidents to authorities.

Bayan Patrol (BMPM) is the ABS-CBN citizen journalism arm (called "netizens") started as an election-focused campaign in 2007 and primarily called on citizens to patrol their votes to encourage participation and increase honesty in the election process, using technology and social media.

Now BMPM has almost half a million Bayan Patrollers, who are students from different communities and reflect "the growing influence of citizen journalism as a year-round vehicle for change and citizens’ strengthened capacity to expand the use of social media — from mere reportage to organizing platforms for causes and advocacies."


Sources: ABS-CBN, Phil Star


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