Dog Fighting in Israel: Police Seize Pit Bulls During Raid in the Triangle


Detectives from the Taibe (Galilee) and Tire police stations on Wednesday arrested five men from Kalansua they believe have been running an illegal dog fighting operation in the Triangle city.

The Triangle is a stronghold of the Islamic Movement in Israel. It is a concentration of Israeli Arab towns and villages, located in the easternmost boundaries of both the Central District and Haifa District.

Ten dogs, mainly Pit Bulls, were discovered on Tuesday when police and Ministry of Agriculture inspectors raided seven houses in Kalansua. The dogs were being kept in cages in yards and were suffering from severe neglect, according to the report.

Police also arrested five local men in their 20’s In the houses. They are suspected of holding the dogs to use in illegal dog fights, which can bring in very large sums of money from gambling revenue.

The Pit Bulls were identified as those stolen several months earlier from a dog kennel on nearby Moshav Ben Tzur, police said.

The dogs are in the custody of the Agriculture Ministry, which will decide what to do with them, police said.

Underground dog fights are popular in Israel, mainly in the Israeli Arab sector, the Post reports. Pit Bulls are typically stolen, then trained to fight and used to breed future generations of fighters.

Source: JPost


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