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Dog Fighting: Impromptu Fights Called “Rolling” Leave Dogs Injured and Suffering, SSPCA Reports

“Thugs are letting their pets loose on beaches and in parks in 'cruel' and 'impromptu' dog fights,” the Scottish SPCA revealed in a plea for the public’s help in providing information.

The ring leaders in this sickening 'sport' are evading authorities, an officer of the Special Investigation Unit announced on January 4.

He said that animal control agencies which are working to stamp out dog fighting have been alerted to an activity known as “rolling.”

“This is impromptu fighting at a beach or park, but the injuries the dogs suffer are the same as [staged] dog fighting.”

“Rolling” is traditionally the term used by dog fighters for short matches to test young pit bulls for “gameness” and fighting style and/or ability. A common “roll” involves a young dog in a brief controlled fight with its mother or a sibling which is stopped before injury occurs. It can be a controlled, brief encounter between any two dogs but the intent is to test the dog, not to have it fight to the point of injury. “Gameness” is the inherent, genetic willingness and drive to kill an opponent or to continue to fight to death regardless of injuries or pain.

The plea by the Scottish SPCA officers, however, is intended to focus public attention on serious uncontrolled impromptu fighting and the fact that “rolling” matches in public locations are not accidental but are becoming a cruel fad.

It also appears they may occur with any breed of dog and could amount to deliberately releasing an aggressive dog to attack another that might not want to fight and would merely become a helpless victim.

The public is being asked to make immediate reports of any “rolling” matches and provide any information on where this is occurring and to help identify the perpetrators.

This is a good reminder for the public at any time to report any suspicion of animal cruelty or neglect.

Source: Evening Express


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