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Dog Fighting: Foul Odor from Dead Pit Bulls Leads Police to Eerie Scene in McGregor, Texas

An unusual, strong foul odor reported by a caller led police officers in McGregor, Texas, to investigate a house located in the 100 block of Rogers Street on Tuesday afternoon around 2:30 p.m., reports KWKT News.

“Right away, as soon as they got out of their cars, they could smell the decaying odor,” said Detective Joe Coy of McGregor Police Department.

The initial horrific smell was coming from the contents of a green city garbage can that had been placed out by the street.

“There was blood, maggots, dog hair,” said Coy. “It looked like there may have been some sections of flesh and some body parts that belonged to a canine.”

The scene became even more gruesome as officers went to look around the cleared area behind the house where they found numerous pit bull carcasses in various stages of decay — some still with dehydrated flesh and skin on their bodies — others, just sun-bleached bones at the ends of ropes and chain.

Officers continued to investigate the circumstances surrounding what appeared to have been a dog-fighting operation. “There was chains, ropes, a number of beer cans,” Coy added.

Inside the home, officers found marijuana, drugs, scales, packaging material and other drug-related items. Further testing will be ordered to reveal exactly what type of drugs they are, the Waco Tribune reports.

“It was a little unusual to see something like this going on inside the city limits,” said Coy. McGregor is a city with a population of around 5,000, located in Coryell and McLennan Counties.

Police said the house was vacant but the occupants had tampered with the water meter to steal utilities.

Two pit bulls were found alive, tied up outside. Assistant Police Chief James Burson said earlier Thursday that police had been checking animal shelters and other possible sources for the dogs in an effort to identify suspects.

Coy said later that suspects had been identified, and their relatives, who live outside the city, had retrieved the two pit bulls.


Sources: Waco Tribune, KWKT


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