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Dog Fighting: Florida Man, Paul Brooks, Arrested After Police See Him Teaching Dogs to Fight on Video

A police officer was monitoring video dated March 17 when he saw Paul Brooks of Tallahassee, Florida, engaging a black and white Pit Bull in a fight with another dog. Brooks was arrested on Friday on the basis of the evidence on the tape, WTXL reports.

According to court documents, the officer stated that the video showed Brooks and another suspect with two chained dogs. The officer said that Brooks, who was wearing a shirt with his first name embroidered on it, was teaching the dogs to fight each other.

As soon as officers saw what was on the video, they went to a house on Americana and arrested Brooks, who tried to give police a false name. (It is unclear from the report whether Brooks' address was shown in the video or police had prior knowledge of his residence.)

Officers seized the Pit Bulls as evidence and they are being held and cared for by animal control as part of the investigation. Neither dog was vaccinated or licensed.

One of the dogs still had visible wounds on the side of his face.

Source: WTXL


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