Dog Fighting to be Investigated, Dismantled with Gaming Funds, Penn. Senator Proposes

Pennsylvania State Senator John Yudichak (D) representing the14th District, says he wants to provide a monetary weapon that would strengthen local police in their efforts to investigate and prosecute dog fighting. He is proposing that gaming money be used against an ugly blood sport that is based on gambling.

Yudichak told Iteam News: “I have introduced legislation that would create a fund of $250,000 through the Attorney General’s office that can be given to District Attorneys and police who are going out to investigate, disrupt and dismantle dog fighting.”

The money would come from gaming funds, he said.

Yudichak says Hazleton Police brought the problem to his attention. “Police Chief Frank Deandrea has been very proactive in trying to stop dog fighting and even held a special training for officers around the area,” he added.

“Because of the increase in organized criminal gang activity, this follows the gangs,” the Senator said, explaining that dog fighting is part of the culture. “We want to disrupt that culture,” he stated, adding that dog fighting is used as a recruitment tool to bring juveniles into gangs.

Former gang member Angel Jirau agreed. “Dog fighting is all about money,” he said. “Law breakers are going to do whatever they have to to make money. A lot of it is gang related but dog fighting crosses racial, social and economic lines.”

Senator Yudichak is confident that the legislation will be supported because of the evidence of increased dog fighting activity across Pennsylvania.

Source: Pahome Page


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