'It's Disgusting': Police Officer Stumbles Upon Dog Fighting Ring In McRae, Georgia


Four men—Mitchell Brown, Kenny Kinsley, James McCormick, and Caleb MacRae—were arrested on Sunday afternoon when the Telfair County Sheriff's Office busted a dog fighting ring in McRae, Georgia, 41/NBC/WMGT reports.

Deputy Michael Brewer was responding to a call when he heard dogs growling in the area behind a mobile home. He discovered two dogs attacking each other in a life-or-death fight in a pit stained with large amounts of blood. The four men were watching.

The suspects fled when they saw the deputy, but he immediately called for assistance. Sheriff Chris Steverson and other officers, including those from the McRae and Helena police departments, soon caught all four men, according to Macon.com.

Investigators found 12 badly malnourished Pit Bulls chained to trees in the woods behind the trailer. Their faces were swollen and scarred from fights, with punctures and tears clear through their lips.

“A dog fighting pit was found on the property and as evidenced by the large amount of blood spattering on the walls, seemed to be well used,” Sheriff Steverson stated in a media release.

“This whole property is geared to train dogs to fight -- complete with veterinarian supplies, exercising equipment and large, heavy chains used to tightly secure the animals around their necks,” he said.

Sheriff Steverson told WGMT he knows dog fighting happens in that area and plans to use all his resources to stop it. "It's disgusting. I don't understand any individual who would take delight in seeing two dogs fighting to the death,” he said.

A veterinarian will examine the dogs to determine their level of health as well as their suitability to be paired with new caregivers.

The four men arrested were held at Telfair County Jail until their first appearance in court. They were then released on $4,000 bond each, according to WALB.

 The first offense for dog fighting in Georgia is a felony that carries a sentence of up to five years in prison and a $5,000 fine.

The second offense carries up to 10 years in prison and a $15,000 fine.

Sources: 41NBC, WALB, MACON / Photo Credit: 41NBC, Steph Skardal/Flickr


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