Dog Fighters Exporting Super-Size European Pit Bulls to UK

Dog fighting in the UK may soon explode into greater violence as super-sized pit bulls from the Baltic countries are imported by British dog-fighting gangs “to dominate canine death matches,” reports theDaily Star.

The dogs, which are larger and more powerful than UK pit bulls, are being brought in illegally, says the RSPCA.

Fighting dogs in Britain and Ireland were bred smaller to disguise them after the 1991 Dangerous Dogs Act banned them from the United Kingdom, but in Latvia and the other Baltic states, pit bulls remain their true size.

Dog fighting is legal in the Baltic states, a nation comprised of three countries just east of the Baltic Sea — Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania—which gained independence from the Russian Empire after World War II.

“Dog fighters here import the animals from the Baltic states, so we are seizing bigger dogs,” RSPA offficials told the Daily Star. “Their ferocity is the same, but they are more muscular, and therefore more powerful.”

“The Baltic region is probably the fastest-growing area of organized dog fighting in the world,” RSPCA Special Operations Chief Inspector Mike Butcher said.

Source: Daily Star


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