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Dog Euthanized By Nevada Animal Shelter After Owner Jeraldine Archuleta Couldn’t Pay $100 Fee Within Three Days

A Carson City, Nev., animal shelter euthanized a dog after its owner was unable to come up with $100 for its release within 72 hours.

Jeraldine Archuleta’s dog was picked up July 25. When Archuleta tried to recover it at Carson City Animal Services shelter the next day, she was told she would have to pay fees amounting to more than $100, according to the Nevada Appeal.

Since she did not immediiately have the money, she reportedly was unable to get information about the dog and was later issued a citation for abandoning it.

Animal Services director Marena Works said the shelter is tightening its policies after the incident that left Archuleta’s pet in a position to be killed.

“While it was within our legal right, there is no doubt that we should have let more time go by so that we had a chance to rectify the situation,” Works said.

She added there will be no future euthanasias if an owner turns up.

“If any owner is identified, the animal is not considered stray and we will make every effort to place that animal back in its home, regardless of the individual’s ability to pay,” she said.

Works and Archuleta have reportedly been in communication and Archuleta is hopeful the policy will help someone else down the road.

“I think that at least they’re acknowledging that there was a mistake made,” Archulate said. “I’m sorry that it was at my dog’s expense. I don’t see something good coming out of this for myself, but maybe it’ll help others in the future.”

Sources: KOLO, Nevada Appeal


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