Woman Throws Dog Into A Trash Compactor


A small dog eventually died after it was thrown down a garbage chute into a Brooklyn trash compactor.

Reports say that a neighbor of the suspect who did this to the helpless animal was throwing garbage into the compactor when she heard the dog inside. The neighbor was shocked, and other neighbors ran to get help.

“She went to throw out the garbage and she heard the dog crying,” said one resident named Lisa to the NY Daily News. “I ran to housing and got [them] to open up where the [compactors] are because the door was locked. It was bleeding. It was still crying.”

The dog was eventually rescued and brought to the local ASPCA, but due to the extent of its injuries, it had to be euthanized.

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The dog’s owner, an elderly woman, was arrested at the scene and questioned. She reportedly told officers, “He made me miserable, I have pain,” as she was put inside the police car, but she was eventually released from custody later on.

On an animal rights Facebook page, commenters expressed their disgust at the woman’s actions and said they hope that things will start to change.

“So many animal cruelty cases, it's getting worse and the legal system needs to take note and start handing out proper sentences,” said one Facebook user.

It doesn’t appear that the dog’s owner has been charged with anything as of right now.

Sources: NY Daily News, Voice 4 Pitbulls & All Animals Facebook Page

Photo Credit: Ken Murray / New York Daily News


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